Buying an Audio Recorder with Timecode – What Can It Do?

Timecode is a feature that is rarely found on a regular digital audio recorder, but it is actually pretty useful. Let’s see what timecode is and why some people need an audio recorder with timecode. And we will show you some audio recorders with timecode system on the market as well.

What Some Audio Recorders Have Timecode & How Should We Use Timecode?

How will you sync all the audios and images when you’re recording with multiple cameras and recorders? If your answer is to manually sync align video & audio in the editing software with your mouse, then you need a timecode device!

Timecode is a sequence of numeric codes, which is in the format of HH:MM:SS:FF(Hours:Minutes:Seconds:Frames). Audio recorders utilize an internal timecode generator to provide accurate time information in the recordings. With this info, you can easily sync the recordings with your camera’s video recordings by sharing the timecode. And your editing software will read these timecodes and align them perfectly with just one click.

Also, audio recorders that support external timecode devices also allow the recorders and cameras to receive timecode wirelessly without connecting the recorder and cameras together. If you have synchronization problems when editing the audio and video, a recorder with timecode support is definitely going to help you out.

Top Audio Recorders with Timecode

Zoom F6 Field Recorder with Timecode

If you are familiar with field recorders nowadays, the famous Zoom F6 recorder is a solid choice that comes with 32-bit float recording and dual AD converters to give you the premium dynamic range to achieve excellent audio quality.

The Zoom F6 is a portable and compact field recorder and it’s rugged enough to work in all kinds of environments. The recorder is equipped with 6 XLR inputs and you can easily adjust the levels for these inputs with knobs.

The Zoom F6 recorder is renowned not just for it is the world’s first recorder with 32-bit float recording and dual AD converters, its precise Timecode system is a reason why people love it. And the “Temperature Compensated Crystal Oscillator” delivers 0.2 ppm accuracy timecode, which is remarkable. You can find the timecode jack on the right side of the recorder, and the timecode jack is for input and output both.

With Zoom AutoMix and Look-Ahead Hybrid Limiters, the Zoom F6 can automatically adjust the levels and smartly provide overload protection. And the Zoom F6 smart field recorder also allows you to control and manage the recording settings from your iPhone or iPad via Bluetooth wirelessly on an APP.

Zoom claims that this recorder can work up to 16.5 hours. You can live-listen and monitor the signals with a 1/8″ jack. Moreover, it allows you to set alert tones for the batteries as well.

Tascam DR-701D 6-Track Portable Audio Recorder with Timecode

The second audio recorder with timecode is also a decent choice when choosing a field recorder. The Tascam DR-701D has 4 XLR inputs and a stereo mix, which makes it a 6 track recorder.

The Tascam DR-701D is a great field recorder for people who need nice and clean synchronization. It has HDMI input and output that allow the recorder to record with your camera simultaneously. And you can start, stop, control recordings with several units by connecting multiple then using HDMI as well.

Besides, it has a traditional built-in SMPTE timecode generator that helps you to integrate SMPTE LTC into your camera system. And the “Timecode in” jack can input can follow a source signal from cameras perfectly. The TCXO provides a solid internal clock and reduces clock errors effectively.

The recorder is designed for working with video and DSLR cameras, it also comes with a camera output and a camera input connector, which provide the ability to monitor the audio from the camera with the recorder and sync the audio if the DSLR camera does not include SMPTE sync.

Tentacle TRACK E Pocket Audio Recorder

Tentacle Sync TRACK E Pocket Audio Recorder

If you are going to use external Tentacle timecode generators, this Tentacle TRACK E mini audio recorder is a perfect match. It is extremely portable and works seamlessly and wireless with Tentacle Tentacle SYNC E timecode devices via the Tentacle Setup App.

Although it does not have many mic inputs and advanced audio settings and adjustments, the small TRACK E recorder also delivers premium sound quality with 32-bit floating-point technology.

Instead of utilizing a built-in mic, the Tentacle TRACK E comes with a lavalier mic. And Tentacle offers adapters for those who need to use microphones with different connectors. The Tentacle TRACK E is pretty small, but it does not sacrifice its battery life. According to Tentacle, this battery can at least work for 10 hours of recording time. Even though it does not have a built-in Timecode system, it is the best audio recorder for people to use their popular Sync E timecode generators and Tentacle Sync Studio software.

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