Digital Voice Recorder with Overwrite Function

There are a number of voice recorders on the market that come with an overwrite function. The overwrite function in a digital voice recorder allows you to redo or insert a new recording without deleting an existing recording file.

Overwrite function is significantly important for digital recorders for dictation. It’s convenient to rewind and overwrite any dictations that were done when you made a mistake.

How Does The Overwrite Function Work?

The overwrite function in a digital voice recorder lets you choose a recording file and replace part of the file with new recordings. You usually need to enter the Overwrite mode and mark a starting point and replace the existing file after the selected point with new recordings.

You can’t insert a new clip in the middle of a recording file with Overwrite function, the part after the starting point will be fully erased. However, if your recorder comes with an “Insert” function, this can be done easily. If you wanna do something more advanced and precise, audio editing software is still required.

What Digital Voice Recorders Come with Overwrite Function in 2022

Tascam Portable Voice Recorders

Tascam has a number of portable digital voice recorders that have overwrite recording such as Tascam DR-40X, DR-05X, and DR07X… and these portable recorders are pretty competitive in 2022.

Overwriting with Tascam handheld recorders is easy, you just need to select Overwrite in the Quick menu and choose your desired starting point, then you start recording normally to overwrite the file. More importantly,  Tascam says their overwrite mode – “It is destructive editing with one level of undo”

The overwrite feature is not the only thing that makes the Tascam recorders value-packed. They come with reliable performances and reasonable prices, delivering a surprisingly great recording quality and convenience as budget options.

With decent built-in mics, you can start recording immediately without connecting external mics, and they offer nondestructive overdubbing for musicians to record new tracks while playing a previously recorded file.

Olympus DS-9500 Digital Voice Recorder

Thanks to its advanced set of features, the Olympus DS-9500 is one of the most powerful digital recorders that have an overwrite function. The Olympus DS-9500 has a large display and a durable shock proof body for various recording environments.

A professional built-in mic is integrated on the top of the recorder, and Olympus claims that their studio-quality pop filter will help you to cut the additional wind and breath noise nicely. The only drawback is that you only get only one mic, and its angle can’t be adjusted.

No matter what kind of portable digital recorder you are looking for, the Olympus should meet your needs. When it comes to its overwrite feature, it not only allows you to overwrite the part of a certain recording, it also has an insert function that helps you to insert a new recording into a recording file and keep the desired part intact.

Moreover, this Olympus DS-9500 voice recorder is WiFi compatible, and it’s super fast to do the file transferring without using any cords or SD card readers.

Sony Handheld Digital Voice Recorders

Sony’s digital voice recorders are our top budgeted pick for the best portable recorders with the overwrite feature. There are a few Sony recorders that have the overwrite function including Sony PX240 and PX333.

All the Sony digital voice recorders are pretty lightweight and easy to use with basic buttons, you don’t have to deal with complicated displays or menus.

If you’re on a budget, Sony’s PX240 only costs you about $45 and it’s easy to buy online. You don’t need to spend a few hundred for a simple overwrite function.

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