Cassette Recorders with XLR – Record Audio From Professional Mics to Tapes


The available cassette recorders are encroaching on extinction, and finding a cassette recorder that works with external mics is hard today. Now that everything is recorded or saved straight to digital recorders. But it doesn’t mean you can’t buy a cassette recorder with XLR inputs for your mics at all, we have listed the best … Read more

Cassette Recorder for Field Recordings – How to Choose?


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Best Cassette Recorders for Authentic Lo-Fi Music


If you want to experiment with lo-fi, an old-school cassette recorder that offers vintage tape quality and sonic imperfections is the best tool to get the authentic lo-fi grit. The medium of cassettes can give you the most perfect flutter noise and warbling pitch that a Lo-Fi song needs. Instead of emulating cassette effects with … Read more

How to Use Jensen Cassette Recorder to Record Cassettes?


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The Versatile Cassette Deck Can Record CDs As Well


Cassette tapes and CDs may sound obsolete today as music streaming apps have taken over the world. Although there are manufacturers still producing portable and affordable cassette tape players, there is nothing like the old-school cassette devices. Unfortunately, we are not going to see new cassette player combos since everything is digital now. However, there … Read more

These Cassette Recorder/Player with Speed Pitch Control


What’s Speed Pitch Control in a Cassette Recorder/Player? A cassette recorder/player with speed pitch control allows you to adjust the playback variable speed. The speed of old-school cassette players usually can be changed a few percentage points. For a cassette tape device, slowing down the speed means you will get a lower pitch while fastening … Read more

Best Vintage 3-Head Cassette Decks & Why They Have 3 Heads?


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Cassette Adapters for iPhone – A Smart Way to Upgrade Old Car’s Cassette Decks


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