How to Erase Olympus VN-7200 Digital Voice Recorder?


If you’re planning on deleting your recordings or erasing a whole file folder, there are some steps you’ll want to take beforehand to ensure you do it properly and correctly. Olympus VN-7200 – Erase a single recording file Step 1. Select the folder and the recording file by the index number on the screen Step … Read more

How to Charge Olympus WS-853 Digital Voice Recorder

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Cassette Recorders with XLR – Record Audio From Professional Mics to Tapes


The available cassette recorders are encroaching on extinction, and finding a cassette recorder that works with external mics is hard today. Now that everything is recorded or saved straight to digital recorders. But it doesn’t mean you can’t buy a cassette recorder with XLR inputs for your mics at all, we have listed the best … Read more

Zoom H8 vs Tascam X8 – High-End Handy Recorder Buyer’s Guide


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Zoom F8n vs Sound Devices MixPre 6 II – Which will you choose?


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Zoom H6 vs Podtrak P4 Podcast Recorder – The Result Is Clear


For podcasters, it’s always important to make sure the recorder can deliver the best quality recordings. When it comes to podcast devices, the Zoom H6 and Podtrak P4 are two recorders that provide reliable performance, and they are quite popular among podcast creators. If you are in the market for a new podcast recorder, the … Read more