DVD Recorders with SCART Input – What Does The SCART Input Do?


DVD recorders, which typically connect through RCA, S-video, and HDMI cable, are pretty easy to find in the states. But do you know there is a whole different connector in Europe called SCART? Let’s see the advantages of the DVD recorders with SCART Input and what DVD recorders have a SCART input. What’s a DVD … Read more

Searching for a DVD Recorder/VCR Combo with HDMI Output? They’re Here!

If you are truly a fan of old-school home video systems like DVD and VHS, it’s never wrong to invest in a DVD Recorder/VCR Combo, even it’s 2021. Unlike most smart devices these days, classic DVD recorders or videocassette recorders usually come with RCA and A/V cables. However, to make their products easier to use, … Read more