Finalize a DVD Without the Original Recorder – Is It Possible?


An unfinalized DVD usually only can be read by the original recorder that burned the disc, but what if you lost the DVD recorder or the old recorder broke down on you? Is there any way to save the unfinalized DVD? Or, it is possible to finalize the DVD without the original recorder? Luckily, you … Read more

DVD Recorders with SCART Input – What Does The SCART Input Do?


DVD recorders, which typically connect through RCA, S-video, and HDMI cable, are pretty easy to find in the states. But do you know there is a whole different connector in Europe called SCART? Let’s see the advantages of the DVD recorders with SCART Input and what DVD recorders have a SCART input. What’s a DVD … Read more

Searching for a DVD Recorder/VCR Combo with HDMI Output? They’re Here!

If you are truly a fan of old-school home video systems like DVD and VHS, it’s never wrong to invest in a DVD Recorder/VCR Combo, even it’s 2021. Unlike most smart devices these days, classic DVD recorders or videocassette recorders usually come with RCA and A/V cables. However, to make their products easier to use, … Read more