How to Use Jensen Cassette Recorder to Record Cassettes?

Just bought a Jensen portable cassette recorder but don’t know how to start recording blank cassette tapes? We will show you and it’s really simple, and all you need is a blank cassette tape.

To Record with Jensen Cassette Recorder, What Type of Cassette Tapes You Need?

According to Jensen, their cassette recorder works with almost all the mainstreamed full-sized recordable cassette tapes including c-30, c45, c60, etc… but they also claim you should avoid using C-120 cassettes, which means 120-minute compact cassettes that have 60 minutes recording time on each side.

And the Jensen cassette recorder is only compatible with regular and standard cassette tapes (approximately 10 cm × 6.3 cm × 1.3 cm), it does not play or record micro-cassettes or mini cassettes.

How to Record on Jensen Cassette Recorder?

First off, if you are about to record cassettes on your Jensen cassette recorder, I would recommend you use batteries to power the recorder instead of the included power adapter.

It’s because the AC adapter that comes in the box of the Jensen cassette recorder does not provide solid performance and it will cause electrical interference and lead to noisy and buzzing background sound. If you prefer to record cassettes with an adapter, you can buy a good-quality one to do the job.

Record with Built-in Mic and External Mic

  1. Insert 4 C batteries into the battery pack
  2. Plug the external mic into the “MIC JACK” on the side (You can either use the built-in mic or an external mic.) If you are not using the included external mic, you need to plug your mic into the “REM JACK
  3. Press the “STOP/EJECT” button
  4. Put your recordable cassette tape into the recorder
  5. Press the “RECORD” button (when you press the “RECORD”, The “PLAY” button will also be pushed down together)
  6. Now you can talk to the mic, or let the recorder pick up sound within 2 to 3 feet of the source.
  7. The volume level indicator will flash and it means the Jensen cassette recorder is recording.
  8. Press the “STOP/EJECT” button to stop recording, or the recording will stop automatically when the tape ends.

Record From External Sources Using Aux-In Jack

  1. Insert 4 C batteries into the battery pack
  2. Prepare audio source on your external device
  3. Connect your external source device to the “AUX JACK” with a mono patch cord (Not included)
  4. Press the “STOP/EJECT” button and load a blank cassette tape
  5. Press the “RECORD” button to start recording
  6. Play the audio that you want to record
  7. You can press “STOP/EJECT” anytime to pause the recording, or the recording stops when the tape ends.

How to Play Recording on Jensen Cassette Recorder?

You can playback your recordings directly after recording (skip to step 3), or you can playback them later.

  1. Power the cassette recorder with batteries or adapter
  2. Press the “STOP/EJECT” button and put the tape into the cassette player
  3. Press the “PLAY” button to play your cassette tapes from the beginning.
  4. Press “REWIND” or “FAST FWD” to locate the recordings, and press the “PLAY” button to continue playing. (You can also press the “PAUSE” button to stop playback temporarily)
  5. Press the “STOP / EJECT” button to take out the cassette tape

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