Finalize a DVD Without the Original Recorder – Is It Possible?

An unfinalized DVD usually only can be read by the original recorder that burned the disc, but what if you lost the DVD recorder or the old recorder broke down on you? Is there any way to save the unfinalized DVD? Or, it is possible to finalize the DVD without the original recorder?

Luckily, you do have some solutions to finalize a DVD without the old recorder. Although none of these solutions can 100% guarantee success, they are worth trying for sure.

Solution 1. Finalize a DVD on your PC/Laptop – Easiest Way

Some software/programs can help you close unfinalized DVD up without recording hardware. I did some research online and found a blogger has successfully finalized a DVD transferred from VHS with Nero. And the steps are easy: basically, you just need to put the DVD into your laptop/computer and open the software, and the software will read the info on your DVD and you open the Disc Info then you should have an option to finalize/close it.

Besides Nero, you probably can find some other software that can do this job. However, if you find this solution does not work for you, you may wanna see the next solution, which provides more safety for protecting the DVD.

Solution 2. Extract a DVD content off using Software – Safest Way

Compared to directly finalizing the DVD disc, using software that copies the content on the DVD and burns it to a new recordable DVD is another way that you can safely store the content.

For example, Isobuster also allows users to read unfinalized DVD’s data and file structure. Most importantly, it comes with a function that can extract the MPEG video files or data files on the disc so that you can copy the DVD content onto a folder easily. Also, Isobuster claims that fixing / repairing CDs/DVDs is not a good way to assure that your data is safe, copying / extracting the data from DVDs to a safe place is more secure.

Solution 3. Finalize a DVD in a different recorder – Preferrable

Is possible to find a new DVD recorder to finalize DVDs? Well, it may be doable, but not all the recorders are qualified for finalizing your DVD discs. The best situation is that you can find yourself the exact same model that recorded your discs, but a problem is that finding an old bulky DVD recorder is not an easy job in 2022.

To make it simple, whether a recorder can finalize your DVDs varies from brand to brand, and model to model. According to a related thread that I found about finalizing DVDs on another DVD recorder, some brands’ new models will perfectly finalize old discs. e.g. new Panasonic DVD recorders are still compatible with those unfinalized DVDs that were recorded by old Panasonic recorders.

And brands that have co-production may finalize each other’s discs, but it’s only for part of their models. Some brands even have new DVD recorders that are cross-compatible with a few different brands. So the compatibility varies based on specific DVD recorders.

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  1. I have many DVD unfinalized, I can read 80% of them in my PC,
    If I filalize them, is there a risk that after that I will not be able to read them or copy data in them to my hard drive?


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