Voice Recorders with WiFi – Why They Are Good & Top Picks

In an era that all the devices are smart, some voice recorders nowadays are taking steps to improve their intelligence and smartness. What did they do? Now some voice recorders are equipped with the WiFi feature!

In this article, I will be showing you what the WiFi function in an audio recorder can do. And we will find out together if there’s a reason to buy a digital voice recorder with WiFi. Lastly, we will share some of the best voice recorders with WiFi that you can buy on the market in 2021.

What Is a Voice Recorder with WiFi?

Digital voice recorders with WiFi are not that complicated to understand. They come with a WiFi module, which allows you to use your PC or smartphones to connect to the recorder.

What Can the WiFi Feature Do?

With the WiFi function, the voice recorder can directly transfer the audio files to your computer or phone. Also, a WiFi-enabled voice recorder can do audio streaming on your smart devices. You only need a control software that manages all the WiFi features of the voice recorder.

Best Worth-Buying Voice Recorders with WiFi in 2021


  • Tascam DR-22WL
  • Tascam DR-44WL

According to our research, the Tascam DR-22WL and the Tascam DR-44WL are the most popular audio recorders currently. They are both very portable and low-profile. They both come with a WiFi function, which enables you to transfer audio files easily by connecting your PC or smartphone to the recorder.

Tascam says that their DR-22WL recorder is the first portable recorder that includes Wi-Fi for transport control. And the DR-44WL is an advanced version of the DR-22WL. Tascam provides a free app for iOS and Android and you can easily download the app to manage the recorder through WiFi.

Although the DR-22WL recorder and the DR-44WL recorder both have a WiFi function and high-quality stereo condenser microphones, the DR-44WL is much more expensive as it comes with more powerful features.

First, the number of channels is different: The DR-22WL has two channels while the advanced DR-44WL comes with 4 channels. The DR-44WL’s multi-track mode is more friendly to people who need a recorder with WiFi for music production. Plus, the DR-44WL recorder is equipped with a TRS standard jack and XLR connector, which you can not find on the DR-22WL.

As for sound pressure level, the DR-22WL can capture levels up to 120dB SPL while the DR-44WL audio recorder can capture levels up to 132dB SPL. Besides, the WiFi DR-44WL voice recorder features shock mount designs that reduce handling noise and a dual-Level recording feature that keeps your recording safe and under control.

But you don’t get those great features for free, the DR-44WLcosts 100 dollars more than the DR-22WL. And it requires you to put in 4 AA batteries to get it to work while the DR-22WL only needs 2 AA batteries.

Pros and Cons of a Voice Recorders with WiFi

We like the WiFi concept that companies embed on their recorder, but I have to tell you that voice recorders with WiFi are not perfect as of 2021. Here you can see some bullet points we listed below about WiFi audio recorders’ strengths and weaknesses.


  • Easy to Transfer File & Stream Audio
  • Transferring Files Is Fast
  • App-Controlled


  • WiFi Function Drains Batteries Slightly Faster
  • Alternatives to Voice Recorders with WiFi?

Alternative to Voice Recorders with WiFi

If you don’t think these portable WiFi audio recorders are not your type or you want to have more models to choose from, is there any alternative? In my opinion, the best option is to go for a digital voice recorder with Bluetooth.

Bluetooth-compatible voice recorders also allow you to control your recorder from a distance through apps, and they are more power-efficient than the WiFi-enabled recorders. But you should know that not all Bluetooth-compatible recorders allow you to transfer files or record remotely and playback on your PC or smartphone, you should check carefully before place the order. And they have a  drawback that the range of the Bluetooth connection is only about 30 feet, which is not as far as the WiFi’s range.

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