Top Bluetooth Digital Voice Recorders that You Can Buy in 2021

Digital recorders nowadays are not as simple as they used to be. The days of carrying a wired device are gone. To be compatible with 2021’s smart devices such as laptops and smartphones better, more and more recorders are coming with the Bluetooth feature.

If you are searching for a nice voice recorder with Bluetooth, you can not miss this article. We will be seeing what kind of Bluetooth audio recorders is the best, and you will see our roundup of the best voice recorders with Bluetooth in the end.

Why Is a Bluetooth Voice Recorder Great?

Wireless Control

By featuring a Bluetooth connectivity function, the voice recorders today allow you to manage the recorder remotely. You don’t need to press any buttons to start or stop your recording anymore. Usually, these Bluetooth digital recorders will ask you to download their apps, you can easily control the recorder through your smart devices such as smartphones or tablets.

Compatible with Wireless Headphones/Earbuds

Another big improvement of voice recorders with Bluetooth is that you are now able to use your wireless Bluetooth earbuds with the recorders. In 2021, the earphone market is now full of true wireless stereo earphones. Although digital recorders nowadays are all equipped with a 3.5mm jack, pairing the recorder with your wireless earphones is now available.

Best 3 Voice Recorders with Bluetooth in 2021

Olympus Linear PCM Recorder LS-P4 with Bluetooth Connection


The LS-P4 recorder is a new high-end pocket model with Bluetooth function from Olympus. Olympus claims that this is the world’s first voice recorder that saves your audio files in FLAC format, which helps you to save more storage while keeping the recording non-compressed.

The Olympus LS-P4 recorder has 3 built-in microphones for superior sound and high-resolution recording. Compared with other Olympus recorder models, the LS-P4 is definitely on the top level. It comes with advanced features like Slate Tone/Test Tone to help you to sync your recording levels when editing your files. And it allows for a large breadth of post audio mixing with its, even in noisy environments.

For people who need a Bluetooth digital recorder, the recorder lets you connect to the recorder with smartphones or smartwatches conveniently. Besides basic controls, you can even have enhanced onboard editing functionality via Bluetooth.

When it comes to its batteries, the LS-P4 recorder uses 1 AAA battery. Don’t frown yet, a rechargeable AAA battery is included for free and it can be charged through the USB port easily, just like a regular Lithium-ion battery so you don’t need to change the battery at all.

Sony ICD-SX2000 Digital Voice Recorder with Bluetooth


This Sony High-Resolution digital voice recorder can record to both LPCM and MP3 formats and it can capture up to 636 hours of MP3 recordings with its 16GB internal memory. Of cause, you can insert an additional microSD card into the slot to expand its memory.

There is a REC remote app, which is pretty easy to use. By using the app, you can control the recorder wirelessly Bluetooth. No matter what system your phone has, Android or iOS, this Bluetooth-compatible digital recorder can connect to your device fast and neat.

It has one less microphone than the above Olympus LS-P4, but it also comes with three settings that you can adjust to record clearly in a variety of different environments. Moreover, the audio sensitivity is adjustable and you can use it as a recorder with voice-activation by settings the noise threshold.

Although the ICD-SX2000 records the files in WAV and MP3 formats, it can read many kinds of files, even FLAC. So you can even use this portable recorder as a mini MP3 to enjoy your non-compressed music.

Roland R-07 High-Resolution Handheld Bluetooth Audio Recorder


Compared to the other two Bluetooth recorders, the Roland R07 may look a bit chubby. Luckily, the weight is not considered to be a heavy burden for our hands. The recorder also supports recording in WAV and MP3 files and it comes with a One-Touch function to let you set up recording scenarios immediately.

The best thing about this recorder? It features Qualcomm aptX playback technology and Bluetooth connection to give you wireless monitoring and control with low latency. If you don’t have earbuds at hand, the built-in speaker can help you to playback anywhere.

Regarding storage and battery, the recorder requires two AAA batteries and it supports SD/SDHC cards up to a maximum of 32GB. To give the best and safe recording experience, the Roland R-07 Bluetooth recorder comes with Dual recording and Hybrid limiting.

What’s more, the low cut filter option allows you to remove those annoying and useless sounds. And the Roland R07 is a popular model among musicians and artists with its tuner and metronome, it will not let you down with its professional recording performance and no lag Bluetooth technology

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