Cassette Recorders with USB Port Can Play MP3 Files Conveniently

Can you buy an Oldschool cassette recorder that can play songs on your USB flash drive? Can you have a cassette recorder that connects to your PC? You know what? That is possible!

Unlike those old-fashioned cassette recorders, some cassette recorders these days allow you to connect the USB drive to do many jobs! Meanwhile, you can still record and play cassette tapes like the good old days. If you are interested in these cassette recorders with USB ports, here you can find the best models on the market. But here are a few things I want to know first.

Not every USB port provides the same function to cassette recorders

What does it mean? When a cassette recorder comes with a USB port, it can be used to play MP3 files on the USB flash drive through the recorder’s built-in speaker or external headphones.

However, not every cassette recorder/player uses the USB port to play audio files from the flash drive. Some cassette recorders’ USB ports are also used to send the content from cassette tapes to your PC or laptop, which allows you to convert cassette tapes to digital audio files with a USB cable.

Those portable cassette recorders that can work as a player usually add USB ports to let you plug in your USB flash drive, making the devices more versatile as an MP3 player. While most advanced cassette decks that record from tapes to tapes feature USB ports to work as a cassette to digital files converter. I hope you did not confuse by the differences, and make sure you choose the right one.

Best 5 Cassette Recorders with USB Port in 2021

Hamilton Buhl HA-802 Cassette Recorder and Player with USB

The portable Hamilton Buhl cassette recorder can easily record and play cassette tapes and provides versatility. With a very friendly price, this cassette recorder offers reliable recording with a built-in condenser microphone and automatic recording level to ensure the recording quality is clear and steady.

The compact recorder has six basic buttons on the top and it is pretty simple to start and stop recording cassette tapes. And it comes with a USB port on the front, which allows you to plug your USB flash drive in it. And you can see there is a switch on the side for tapes or mp3. After you toggle it to mp3, you can play the audio files on the USB drive.

Besides, this recorder can be both powered on an adapter or 4 C batteries. And you can easily carry it with your hands with the retractable handle. But, instead of using a 3.5mm jack for headphones, the recorder comes with two 1/4″ headphone jacks. If you want to use your 3.5mm standard earphone on this product, you need to buy a converter cable separately.

QFX RETRO-39 Cassette Tape Recorder with USB Player

The QFX RETRO-39 is another portable cassette recorder that allows you to play the files on a USB flash drive. It looks pretty similar to the first Hamilton Buhl one with the adjustable handle and the panel design.

You can also see there is a USB 2.0 port above the 3.5″ speaker, and you can rewind and forward the recordings on the USB drive by using the buttons next to the USB port.

Besides using a power adapter, the cassette recorder takes 3 C batteries. (Even it is stated that you need 3 D’ batteries on the product page) To transfer the best quality audio recording to this old shoebox tape recorder, this product comes with a line-in port, which can be used to record through digital devices.

QFX J-220BT ReRun X Cassette Player/Recorder with USB & Music Port

Although portable cassette recorders are simple and get the job done, you need to take a look at this advanced cassette recorder if you are looking for more features.

Compared to the recorders above, the QFX J-220BT cassette recorder is obviously bigger and more heavy-duty. So you can see the speakers are also large. The new cassette recorder is equipped with the latest Bluetooth technology and provides excellent Cassette playback and recording functions.

The QFX J-220BT is more than an old-school cassette recorder, it plays audio from your USB flash drive and comes with AM/FM/SW1 and SW2 4-band radio. And the Bluetooth connectivity makes this model a great wireless speaker also. And the built-in mic allows you to record audio like old ones.

But the best thing about this product is that they say the record can convert cassette tracks to MP3 on USB or SD Card storage. And this is not something that a vintage cassette recorder can do.

Marantz Professional PMD-300CP Dual-Cassette Recorder/Player with USB

You should not miss the cassette recorder deck if you are searching for a budget-friendly old-school dual cassette recorder that makes new recordings professionally. The cassette recording deck provides a decent dynamic noise reduction option, ensuring you can get the best quality of your cassette tapes.

Besides the cassette dubbing function, you can also simply connect the input of the cassette recorder to the output from your other audio sources with 2 RCA line inputs to record your cassette tapes.

Tascam CD-A580 Rackmount Cassette/CD/USB Recorder & Player

Good things don’t come cheap, this Tascam CD-A580 cassette recorder is far more advanced than average models. The drawback? It is quite pricey on the market.

This Tascam CD-A580 does not have a stunning look on the outside, but it actually can playback contents from many sources from cassette to CD to USB flash drive. As a premium cassette recorder, the product allows you to record from the CD player or USB player to the cassette directly.

Moreover, it can transfer audio from the cassette to the USB flash drive. Or, you can use it as a USB recorder: they claim that you can create MP3 files to USB flash drives from CDs and the line inputs. And according to the brand, you can adjust the pitch during the cassette tapes playback. But there is one thing you should know: the product does not have a built-in microphone, and it is not suitable for recording cassette tapes from external voices.

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