Cassette Recorder with External Microphone – You’ll Get Better Sound Quality


Whether you’re buying a cassette recorder for recording in an old-school way with empty cassette tapes or making a memorable cassette as a gift, there is no reason to refuse great recording quality. Although a cassette recorder’s built-in microphone is not always decent in different environments, the good news is that we found some portable … Read more

Cassette Recorders with USB Port Can Play MP3 Files Conveniently


Can you buy an Oldschool cassette recorder that can play songs on your USB flash drive? Can you have a cassette recorder that connects to your PC? You know what? That is possible! Unlike those old-fashioned cassette recorders, some cassette recorders these days allow you to connect the USB drive to do many jobs! Meanwhile, … Read more

Best 5 Portable Cassette Recorders That You Can Still Buy in 2021


When it comes to recording voice and audio, nobody nowadays will ever think of using a classic portable cassette recorder since there are so many smart and advanced recording apps and devices on the market. However, nothing beats the feel of recording with a physical cassette tape that I used when I was pretty young. … Read more