Field Recorders with Phantom Power – Best for Condenser Microphones


What Is a Field Recorder with Phantom Power? & Why Is It Necessary for a Field Recorder? Phantom power feature in a field recorder is used to deliver DC current and power condenser microphones, which require electric power to work properly. For most field recorders with phantom power, the current is transferred through an XLR … Read more

How to Repeatedly Play Your Recordings? You Need a Voice Recorder with Loop Playback!


The best voice recorders with loop playback are ideal companions for dictation and reviewing your recording content. And not just because they can repeatedly playback the content you need to review over and over again, they also don’t require pressing any buttons manually to operate the recorder when you immerse yourself in the work. If … Read more

Voice Recorder for 24 Hours Recording – Things You Should Know


If you are going to use a voice recorder for more than 24 hours, pick a device with the best longest battery life should be your first choice, right? However, things are not that easy. Even though battery life is an important aspect when buying a voice recorder for 24-hour recording, there are some things … Read more

Digital Voice Recorders Come with Free Headphones/Earphones


Usually, you will see a headphone jack in voice recorders, which allows you to listen to your recordings with your own headphones or earbuds. However, do you believe there are still a handful of great voice recorders being sold that have free headphones and earphones included? For people who want to purchase a voice recorder + headphones … Read more

Top Voice Activated Recorder Pens for the Money in 2021


A voice activated recorder pen will allow you to get clear recordings without carrying a traditional heavy bulky voice recorder. In fact, if you opt for a recorder pen with voice activation, you can have an excellent hands-free recording environment. The recorder pen will automatically capture all the useful information and save it into files … Read more

Top 3 Voice Recorder with Smart Motion Sensors


Want to buy a voice recorder that wakes up and starts recording automatically by detecting your action? This is possible, we are here to show you some voice recorders with motion sensors that record sound smartly. What Can A Voice Recorder’s Motion Sensor Do? The Voice recorder’s motion sensors are different. Some voice recorders come … Read more

Top Bluetooth Digital Voice Recorders that You Can Buy in 2021


Digital recorders nowadays are not as simple as they used to be. The days of carrying a wired device are gone. To be compatible with 2021’s smart devices such as laptops and smartphones better, more and more recorders are coming with the Bluetooth feature. If you are searching for a nice voice recorder with Bluetooth, … Read more

Best Voice Recorders with MP3 Player – Lightweight, Portable, and Good-Performance


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