How to Delete or Erase Files on Your Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

When you need to delete all the recording files on your Olympus digital voice recorder, you don’t always need to delete them one by one. Here we will show you how to delete recordings properly on Olympus digital voice recorder, and you can also learn how to erase your recorder without deleting files manually.

How to Delete/Erase Files on Olympus Digital Voice Recorder?


WS852-WS852-DM-720-Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

  1. Press the “Forward” or “Back” button to select the file that you want to delete
  2. Press the ERASE button, which has a small yellow round dot on the bottom left corner (If the file is playing, enter Stop mode first)
  3. You will see three options on the screen “All in folder, One file, Cancel”
  4. Choose to delete all the files in the folder or a single selected file by pressing the “+” or “-” button
  5. Press the “OK” button, which is in the center
  6. You will be asked to Start or cancel the operation
  7. Press the “OK” to continue, and the display will show “Erased” when the deletion is finished.


VN541-Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

  1. Select a file that you want to delete or a folder to erase with the “Forward” or “Back” button
  2. Press the “Trash” button on the bottom left corner
  3. The Display will give you two choices: “YES, NO”
  4. Press the “Back” button to select “YES”
  5. Press the “PLAY/PAUSE” button in the center
  6. You will see “END” on the display, which means the process has finished.


DS2600-Olympus Digital Voice Recorder

  1. Select a file that you want to delete with the “Forward” or “Back” button
  2. Press the “Erase” button
  3. You will be given 3 options: “Erase all, Erase one file, Cancel”
  4. Press the “+” button to select “Erase all”(Delete all files in the folder) or “Erase one file”(Delete the current file)
  5. Press the “OK/MENU” button
  6. Press the “+” button to select “Start”, then press the “OK/MENU” button to confirm
  7. When “Erased” is displayed, you’ve successfully erased your file

What to Know When Erasing Files/Folders on an Olympus Digital Voice Recorder?

Can’t erase files? they might be locked or read-only

Olympus digital voice recorders come with a file lock function that ensures files cannot be erased by regular erasing function, even if you erase all the files in the folder. Thus, if you find some files in the recorder cannot be deleted, they are probably locked or they’re read-only files that are not allowed to be erased. You can try to unlock those files if you need to erase them.

How to erase all folders’ files – You can do it by resetting the recorder

If you don’t want to delete all folders’ files/unlock files to erase the whole internal memory, formatting is the final solution. Formatting will erase all the existing data including locked files and read-only files. And you need to be careful with this operation since it is going to change all your settings to default.

Don’t interrupt erasing process

When formatting the recorder or erasing your files, the whole process will take up to 10 seconds. Don’t interrupt the process including removing the battery, disconnecting the AC adapter, or removing the microSD card. Otherwise, the internal data may be damaged.

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