How to Clean a Cassette Tape Head & Why You Should Learn It


What’s a Cassette Tape Head? A tape head is used in cassette player/recorders to convert electrical signals to varying magnetism. Usually, there are two tape heads in a cassette recorder: a rotating tape head and a erase tape head. The tape head is a transducer and it is one of the keys with which your … Read more

Best 4-Track Cassette Recorders that You Can Buy Today


Nostalgia is such a powerful draw, so I would not be surprised if people nowadays still yearn for a professional 80s multi-track cassette recorder. Guess what? they are not fully disappeared, some of them are still available to get in 2021! If you want to pick the best 4-track cassette recorder, keep reading on and we will … Read more

How to Record Voice or Audio in Davinci Resolve


Wanna directly create voice-over tracks or recording audio with your computer mic when editing your video? It’s quite straightforward in Davinci Resolve, and you don’t need any extra program to do the recording work, The only prep for Recording in Davinci Resolve is a microphone plugged in your PC. Let’s see how to record voice … Read more

Cassette Recorder with External Microphone – You’ll Get Better Sound Quality


Whether you’re buying a cassette recorder for recording in an old-school way with empty cassette tapes or making a memorable cassette as a gift, there is no reason to refuse great recording quality. Although a cassette recorder’s built-in microphone is not always decent in different environments, the good news is that we found some portable … Read more

Best Cassette Recorder Boomboxes 2021 – They’re Still Fantastic in Some Ways


In the 80s, who did not want a trendy boombox that can play their cool cassette collections? However, digital and technological development has had a significant impact on the boombox market, 99% of us will purchase a Bluetooth speaker instead of a boombox in 2021. But I’m glad that you are here! It means there … Read more

Top Picks of Cassette Recorders with Line In that Provide Clear Recording


When you get a cassette recorder, you’re not just choosing a recorder that can record your voice through microphones. Sometimes, you probably need to record cassette tapes from external audio devices, then you perhaps need a cassette recorder with line in jack. Whether you’re buying a cassette recorder for playing tapes or need one for … Read more