Tascam DR05X vs DR07X – Do You Really Need to Pay More?

If you have a plan on picking a Tascam DR05X handy recorder, wait a sec, the DR07X could be a better option for you. At first glance, you might not be able to tell if they have differences, they basically look the same. However, the DR07X costs you $30 more. And we will tell you why in this Tascam DR05X vs DR07X handheld digital recorder buyer’s guide.

Tascam DR05X vs DR07X – Why the DR07X is better?

What remained the same?

As the upgraded version of the DR05X, the DR07X adopted the look of the DR05X, they both have a black finish with identical buttons layout. And these two recorders are both more portable and handy compared to the most pricey model DR40X in this series.

They both support WAV/BWF & MP3 recording formats and the highest quality is up to 96k Hz/24-bit. And you are able to use various SD cards including microSD cards, microSDHC cards, and microSDXC cards up to 128GB. Besides, the DR05X and DR07X have the same MIC/EXT IN jack, LINE OUT jack, and a built-in speaker.

Feature-wise, they provide exactly the same functions. You can use the USB audio interface feature in both recorders to turn them into external mics for online meetings, voice recording, and live streaming.

The differences

If you take a look at the specs, you will find that the Tascam DR07X is actually slightly bigger than the original DR05X. According to the dimension specs, the DR07X is 2.67″ × 6.22″ × 1.02″ while the DR05X is 2.4″ × 5.55″ × 1.02″, the DR07X is a bit wider and taller. At the same time,
the DR07X weighs 4.5 oz. and the DR05X is 4.1oz.

The biggest improvement that the DR07X has is its XY stereo microphones. As you can see, the DR05X comes with omnidirectional mics and you are not allowed to adjust the angle of the mics to get the best recording quality freely. However, the DR07X’s unidirectional mics give you more options when you need a wider or narrower stereo image by being able to change from AB to XY. And the DR07X even offers more solid recording quality in AB compared to the DR05X.

Tascam DR07X gives you more flexible microphones, and it is definitely more expensive than the basic DR05X. We found the price of the DR07X on tascam.com is $149 and the DR-05X is $119. The good news is that the DR07X is also available in other online stores and you may find the pricing there is lower than the original price.

Tascam DR05X vs DR07X – How to Pick?

No doubt, the DR07X is ahead of the DR05X in the comparison, featuring its better unidirectional microphones, and this upgrade is surely worth the extra money you spend. So the DR07X is the go-to choice in 2022 if you are hesitant between these two digital audio recorders

One common problem with the DR05X and DR07X is that you can’t use XLR/TRS microphones with them. If this is your concern, then the DR40X in this series lineup will meet your needs better.

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