Which Digital Voice Recorder Have Dragon Software & How to Use?

What’s Dragon Voice Recognition Software?

If you need to record lectures in college or meetings that involve a lot of issues, audio to text software for automatically transcribing previously recorded audio files is a perfect fit when you need to review or organize the content in the recording files. And the Dragon Speech Recognition is a pretty nice tool to get the job done.

Of cause, you can purchase audio recognition software online but they are usually pricey. What if some digital voice recorders come with a free Dragon speech-to-text software? I believe most of us would be interested.

Here, you will see the top 3 digital voice recorders with Dragon software. And we think they are the best recorder models for people who need free Dragon audio to text software in 2021.

Best Voice Recorders with Dragon Software in 2021

1. Philips DVT2110 Audio Recorder with Dragon Speech Recognition Software

As an affordable Philips audio voice recorder with recognition software, the DVT2110 is a great bargain with the great Dragon Speech Recognition software. The recorder offers 2 high-fidelity microphones for capturing sounds from different angles and it supports Stereo MP3 and PCM recording for amazing recording quality.

The recorder comes with an 8 GB internal memory and Philips claims that it can record for up to 88 days of recording files. The recorder has a rechargeable Li-ion battery inside and it can be charged through a USB-C cable. According to Philips, this battery can work up to 50 hours.

What’s more, the DVT2110 voice recorder has a voice activation feature, which allows the recorder to automatically starts recording when the noise level reaches a certain level.

The best thing about this digital recorder is that it comes loaded with Dragon Naturally Speaking software and you can transfer voice to text quickly and accurately with your PC. Nuance Dragon Software also says that Using their speech recognition software is at least 3 times quicker than typing the words yourself.  Besides, Philips promises that there is 99% recognition accuracy and the Dragon software even can pick up correctly with people’s accents.

2. Sony ICD-SX712D Digital Voice Recorder with Dragon Naturally Speaking

For people who need a very slim and mini recorder that comes with free Dragon Voice to Print Software, you can not miss this Sony ICD-SX712D Digital recorder. As a great recorder for college lectures and memo taking, this Sony ICD-SX712D includes a Dragon Naturally Speaking voice to print software that costs several hundred bucks on the market.

The Dragon software included is pretty precise when it comes to recognition performance and it can give your correct spelling of some technical terms.

Plus, the small recorder has an S-Microphone system, making the recording quality amazing and super clear. It records in LPCM 44.1kHz 16 bit and MP3. Although this lightweight recorder is small, there are 2-position stereo microphones to make sure you can get the true recording, even in a noisy environment.

Although it is a decent recorder with Dragon software, we have something to say about its drawbacks. First, this model is a bit old and it was launched a couple of years ago. And the price, which is quite high, is another reason that this recorder is not a top seller in today’s market.

3. Olympus DS-2600 2GB Digital Voice Recorder with Dragon

Featuring a Dragon Recorder Edition speech recognition software, the Olympus DS-2600 recorder can transcribe your audio files to supported language conveniently and easily. With the latest Dragon software for Windows 10, turning lecture recordings into text has never been so easy before.

The recorder is a lithium-ion battery-operated model, and the battery can be recharged via USB. Compared to other regular recorders, this Olympus DS-2600 voice recorder allows you to save the audio files in three formats: DSS Pro, MP3, and PCM.

Moreover, the large display allows you to do some simple editing in the unit. You don’t need to use any software to avoid slips and long pauses.

But a small disadvantage found on the recorder is that it only has a fixed internal 2GB memory. It’s kind of small for people who record in the class. Luckily, you can insert an external SD card to get more recording storage.

How to Use the Dragon Software with Your Digital Recorder?

Transcribing your audio files in your digital recorder with Dragon software is extremely easy.

Basically, you just need a few steps, and they might be a bit different depending on the Dragon software version.

1. Install the Dragon Natural Speaking software

2. Open the software and set it to transcribing mode

3. Drag the audio files that you want to transcribe or browse and select them.

4. The Dragon software will do the work and you can copy the final texts.

Here is a short video tutorial of how to import audio files into a dragon for transcription

For more advanced settings about using a digital recorder with Dragon NaturallySpeaking, you may see this PDF document here.

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