Best Voice Recorder with Noise Cancellation – Best Picks in 2021

When buying a digital recorder, there are so many to choose from. It can be tough to decide the best model with the best recording quality. What if we wanna find a good recorder that can remove annoying noise that we don’t want? You probably need a voice recorder with a noise cancellation feature.

So in this post, we’ll help you choose the top voice recorder with noise cancellation for your situation.

What’s Voice Recorder’s Noise Cancellation

For voice recorders, capturing clear recording is the most important job. And we usually do not want ambient sounds to get recorded to lower the recording quality. Thus, some digital recorders are equipped with noise cancellation technology to achieve clearer recording.

Thanks to the integrated chip with noise cancellation, these voice recorders can filter those noise sound waves of the environment automatically, making the signal-to-noise ratio higher. Besides, recorders with noise cancellation usually come with multiple microphone hardware, and some models have a tiny microphone that captures surrounding noise and sends an opposite canceling signal to reduce the noise.

Top Voice Recorders That Have Noise Cancellation

Olympus WS-801 Voice Recorder with Noise Cancellation


The Olympus WS-801 recorder can be described as the right choice for “a reliable digital recorder with noise cancellation”. It is a bit expensive but it is worth every penny that you spend. The recorder comes with two internal directional condenser microphones, which can capture sounds clearly in the best recording quality.

To deliver perfect recording files to you, this Olympus WS-801 recorder features its special noise cancellation technology, which minimizes unwanted background sounds. And it is even a voice-activated model that allows the recorder to start and stop recordings according to the decibel levels.

As a compact recorder model, the Olympus noise-cancelling recorder has a direct USB connection so that you don’t need an extra USB cable to transfer audio files to your computer. The recorder comes with 2 GB internal storage and it supports SD cards up to 32 GB. Moreover, Olympus claims that this small recorder can give you 514 hours of recording time, ensuring you can use this recorder in a long lecture/meeting.

Sony ICD-PX470 Stereo Digital Voice Recorder


The Sony recorder does not come with an amazing design from the outside but it is definitely a well-built, affordable, and decent recorder that reduces recording noise. You’ll find the Sony ICD-PX470 recorder is great at recording clear noise and reducing excessive background noise.

Besides that, the recorder works perfectly when it comes to human voice recording. The recording even comes with a setting for capturing vocal frequencies especially. And the Sony Clear Voice technology will not let you down by providing a very true voice track. Other than that, turning audio files to text is also easy with Sony’s transcription playback mode. The recorder will create cue points that help you to locate positions conveniently.

Just like the Olympus WS-801, this is also a very mini digital recorder with noise cancellation, and you don’t need a USB cable either since the USB port is built-in. As for working time, Sony claims that this recorder has an extra-long battery life and can last up to 55 hours.

SONY ICD PX333 Digital Voice Recorder


If you want to buy a premium digital voice recorder that comes with great noise cancellation technology, this Sony ICD PX333 recorder is a worth-considering model. The recorder is pricey, but that is for reasons.

Compared to regular voice recorders, the recorder has more features that provide more recording flexibility such as the A-B Repeat function that allows you to playback to a specific section repeatedly and Over 1000 hours of recording time. And you can even expand the memory by inserting another SD card.

It is equipped with an Intelligent Noise Cut, which can reduce noise in the playback sound and makes the human voice clearer. The built-in noise cutter will block the noise significantly when you are recording human voices, and the recording quality is superb.

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