3 Best Digital Voice Recorders with Transcription Software in 2021

How to transcribe audio files and take notes effectively? You need transcription software! Not only can transcription software replace handwriting for lectures and meetings, it can also be used to quickly covert recordings to texts for video makers to add the subtitles.

Today, we will be showing you some great digital voice recorders that come with professional transcription software that allows you to start transcribing audio files seamlessly. So you don’t need to buy transcription software separately, which can cost a fortune.

Top Digital Voice Recorders with Transcription Software

Philips DVT2110 Audio Recorder with Dragon Transcription Software


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The Philips DVT2110 voice recorder is an affordable model that comes with famous Dragon speech to text software especially aimed for accurate and quick transcription work. The included DVT2805 Dragon Speech recognition software provides a fast transcription, allowing the software to type up documents automatically on your computer. Philips claims that the recognition accuracy is up to 99%.

As for the recorder itself, it comes with two high-fidelity microphones that offer clear and true recordings. And it has a pretty large 8 GB built-in memory, and it even supports an extra memory card. Moreover, there is a large color display for easy operation, with the rechargeable Li-ion polymer battery which allows you to have extra-long recording time. You can also activate recording with the voice activation function.

However, the recorder does not have a direct USB connection port and you need to use a USB-C cable to connect it to the PC, which is a tiny flaw in my opinion.

Olympus DS-2600 2GB Digital Voice Recorder with Dragon Transcription Software


The Olympus DS-2600 is marketed as a high-end recorder specifically for meetings, interviews, and lectures. Why do I say so? The product bundle comes with the latest Dragon Recorder Edition speech recognition software, which supports various languages.

The recorder features premium dual-microphone technology, providing you with perfect recording quality. And it also comes with external connections for external microphones, which makes the recorder more flexible to connect to other input devices.

The Olympus DS-2600 is equipped with a replaceable lithium-ion battery, and the battery allows you to have 56 hours of recording time in PCM format. The advanced digital voice recorder features a motion sensor that can start recording automatically when you pick up the device.

However, although this recorder is quite expensive compared to other models on the market. It does not come with a big internal memory so you probably purchase another memory card to expand its memory.

Langogo Genesis 2-in-1 AI Translator Device and Voice Recorder Transcriber


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Compared to other traditional digital voice recorders, the Langogo Genesis aims to offer a smarter transcription and translation service. The product is specifically targeted at international travelers and people who need instant transcription for short meetings and interviews.

What is special about this product? First, It is a translator that is powered by 24 world-leading translation engines and it supports 104 languages. Besides, it is also a reliable voice recorder that can turn audio into text immediately. Moreover, the device also can be used as a mobile Wi-Fi hotspot router thanks to the embedded SIM chip.

Apart from immediate transcription, you can use their software on your PC as well. You can upload the recordings to their cloud and they will provide PDF files that are generated from your recording files. As a recorder, the product is considered to be reliable also with its active noise-canceling microphone and dual-speaker. If I have to name one drawback, then you can only record up to 4 hours for one single recording while this is not a problem for other professional recorders.

Transcription Software – Other Options for Transcribing Recordings

If you want to purchase a voice recorder and transcription software separately, you still have a lot to choose from. But it might cost a bit more compared to buying a recorder+trascription software bundle.

Here are some great alternatives:

Dragon Professional

It is a very pricey software but it provides the most professional speech to text feature. And it can type 160 words per minute with a 99% accuracy rate for you. If you need to transcribe audio files on a regular basis, the Dragon Professional version will not let you down.


If you are looking for more flexible software for transcribing audio files, Otter is a great choice. Compared to Dragon, it is more suitable for mobile device users who need real-time transcription on the cloud. What’s more, the app can even sync audio from Dropbox for Premium plan users.


With a machine learning solution, you can use Speechmatics to convert audio files from your recorders to text conveniently. The software can be used to transcription for existing files and it has a live mode for live use. Speechmatics claims that they are specialized in dealing with different accents so it would be a nice fit if there are various accents in your recording files.

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