Zoom H6 vs H6 All Black Digital Recorder – What’s the Difference?

You might have seen there’re two types of Zoom H6 digital recorders available if you are in the market for a Zoom H6, I know you might be wondering what exactly are the differences between the two.

In fact,  the H6 All Black is a newer version that was released in 2020 while the original gray H6 recorder came out in 2013 and the gray H6 recorder was replaced by the new H6 All Black in 2020. A new model is supposedly better than an old product in every aspect. However, there are only a few subtle differences.

Zoom H6 vs H6 All Black Digital Recorder – What’s Changed?

They have identical recording quality and features

Although the Zoom H6 All Black is a recorder that was introduced to the market in 2020, it is sad that it does not have any solid improvements compared to the original Zoom H6 in terms of recording performance and functions.

The Zoom H6 and the H6 All Black digital recorder use the exactly same microphones and preamps with identical buttons, 6 microphone connectors, and data ports. Even the Zoom H6 All Black is not equipped with a USB type C jack.

Zoom H6 and H6 Black – Their finishes are different


You might not be able to see it clearly from the picture, but their finishes of the case are not quite the same. The old Zoom H6 2013 version comes with a case that has a more rubbery feel, which makes the recorder easy to hold. A great benefit of the rubbery case is that it makes the product less slippery and it is a comfortable material for hands.

However, the new Zoom H6 All Black utilizes a glossy and plastic design on the case. The main reason is that the rubberized plastic can become sticky at the end of the day. A smooth plastic case is easier to clean and it won’t deteriorate easily because of external environments.

Another difference you can easily spot is that the base of the H6 All Black’s mic capsule is completely black instead of metallic grey. Yeah, zoom paints the mic capsule to black, that is it.

The original Zoom H6 has more accessories

It’s hard to believe a new recorder comes with less equipment than its previous model, but it is true. Besides the X/Y mic capsule, the original gray Zoom H6 also offers some free accessories including a  Mid-Side microphone capsule, a protective hard case, and a windscreen for your zoom h6’s mics.

Being the newer model, the Zoom H6 All Black has a box that is way smaller than the original pre-2020 version of Zoom H6. You only get the X/Y mic capsule beside the recorder itself.

The new H6 All Black is cheaper than the original one

At this point, you may be thinking if the new H6 All Black is worth-buying since it does not have many significant updates, a good news is that you can buy the Zoom H6 All Black version at a good price. The Zoom H6 All Black’s retail price is $349.99, and many platforms are offering a $30 instant rebate.

Which should I buy in 2022 – Zoom H6 or H6 All Black?

Truth be told, after we’ve covered the main similarities and differences between the original Zoom H6 and the new Zoom H6 Black, I believe most people will love the old model better as it has more useful accessories. Of course, you can buy those accessories separately and they are compatible with the new H6 Black. But that will make the cost even higher.

Another bad news is that the original gray Zoom H6 is discontinued, so it is not that easy to get a brand new model from reliable retailers nowadays. So I would still recommend you to get the new H6 All Black in 2022, even though I think the gray is Zoom H6 the slightly better option out of the two.

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