Voice Recorder for 24 Hours Recording – Things You Should Know

If you are going to use a voice recorder for more than 24 hours, pick a device with the best longest battery life should be your first choice, right? However, things are not that easy. Even though battery life is an important aspect when buying a voice recorder for 24-hour recording, there are some things you should never forget to check.

Features for Voice Recorders that Can Record 24 Hours

1. Battery Life

Battery life is vital if you want to buy a voice recorder with a long-lasting battery that allows you to record for more than 24 hours. When you buy a recorder for long-time recording, don’t forget to check out the battery life first.

There are two kinds of batteries that are commonly used for portable recorders nowadays. If you don’t want to spend money on buying batteries, then a recorder powered by a built-in lithium battery is more worthy to you. But if you prefer changing the batteries more conveniently without recharging the recorder, you should consider audio voice recorders with AAA batteries. Some high-end handheld recorders also include rechargeable AAA batteries, which can be replaced quickly and recharged through USB as well.

2. Storage

Normally, there is no need to worry about storage because most recorders nowadays can storage more than 1000-hour recordings. But if you are going to record continuously on a regular basis, then you should pay attention to it. Besides the battery life, storage and file formats will determine how long the recording time can be. When buying a voice recorder for 24 hours recording, you’d better figure out the recorder’s built-in storage and its supported external storage first.

Best 4 Voice Recorders for 24-Hour Recording in 2021

Sony ICD-UX570 Digital Voice Recorder – 27 Hours Recording Time

The Sony ICD-UX570 is one of the worth-buying voice recorders you can buy to record over 24 hours, especially for those who prefer a slim and compact design.

You get a nice screen display, Built-in stereo microphone, and clear recording performance. But the Sony ICD-UX570 really stands out with its fast recharging time and decent battery life when it comes to recording efficiency.

According to Sony, the device can work up to 1 hour with a 3-minute charge. When it is fully charged, you can record more than 27 hours. The 4GB internal storage can save several days of recordings. If you want to expand it and save more files, you can purchase a 64GB SD Card.

And we also love how portable the recorder is, the mini recorder comes with a built-in USB so that you don’t need to any cable to transfer the files. Moreover, the Sony ICD-UX570 voice recorder supports voice-operated recording, which allows you to save more storage and extend the recording time.

TileRec – Slimmest Voice Activated Recorder with 24 Hours Battery Time

The TileRec voice recorder features a mini size and it is only 1.6 inches long and 1/4 inches thick, making this product the most portable recorder in the world. It does not have many advanced features: no screen, no complicated buttons, it is just a simple small recorder.

The mini voice recorder can record 24 hours and the recharging is about 2 hours. It saves audio files into MP3 formats to save more built-in storage space, and the recorder can save recordings up to 145 hours.

Its equipped with a voice activation sensor so that it will automatically start recording when people are talking, offering you more flexibility and convenience.

Olympus Digital Solutions Voice Recorder DM-720 with 4GB Storage

The Olympus DM-720 is a perfect recorder to fulfill the needs when recording 24 hours. It is packed with TRESMIC Three-microphone system for superior sound, ensuring all the sounds recorded are extremely clear and true.

And it provides many useful functions for better recording. Its Voice Playback function lets you playback recordings with vocal content only, and you can skip those unnecessary parts. With the Transcription Mode, you are allowed to loop the playback and focus on the content conveniently.

The Dm 720 is powered by a AAA battery and it can be charged via USB directly. The battery works up to 52 hours when completely charged and its 4GB built-in memory can store recordings for up to 985 hours.

Olympus Digital Solutions Voice Recorder WS-852

If the Olympus DM-720 is a bit pricey to you and you don’t need those premium playback features, the Olympus WS-852 voice recorder is another good choice for recording 24 hours.

The True Stereo Mic with two directional microphones is included with the OM WS-852 recorder, meaning the stereo experience is superb and authentic. And it will adjust the microphone sensitivity according to the recording environment to give you the best recording quality.

As a voice recorder that you need to use over 24 hours, Olympus claims that you can rely on the improved battery, which can record over 100 hours and the storage space can handle over 1,000 hours of recording.

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