Digital Voice Recorders Come with Free Headphones/Earphones

Usually, you will see a headphone jack in voice recorders, which allows you to listen to your recordings with your own headphones or earbuds. However, do you believe there are still a handful of great voice recorders being sold that have free headphones and earphones included?

For people who want to purchase a voice recorder + headphones bundle, this post is especially useful. Let’s see where you can get those great products!

Best 3 Voice Recorders with Earphones or Headphones – 2021 Buyer’s Guide

Zoom H2n Digital Multitrack Recorder with Resident Audio R100 Headphones

Zoom is one of the recorder companies that have recorder plus headphone bundles. Its premium Zoom H2n has an excellent performance in music recording and voice recording, which makes the product a very popular choice for people who are shopping for premium recording quality.

The Zoom H2n Digital Multitrack recorder sports five built-in microphones, which allows the recorder to provide you with multiple recording signals and enhance the recording quality. Thus, the recorder is good at capturing live music and ambiance sounds. Whatsmore, the digital recorder comes with a backlit LCD display, allowing you to conveniently monitor the recording status.

As a handheld digital recorder, the Zoom H2n is powered via two AA batteries, which are included in the package. If you want to extend its working time, the device also supports AC adapters, but you need to buy one separately.

Apart from the high-resolution digital recorder, the bundle also includes Resident Audio R100 headphones for you to listen to your recording files. The headphone may look heavy, but it is pretty lightweight actually. And it is equipped with an adjustable headband. For people who need to record in the studio, this Zoom recorder with headphones bundle is really a good choice.

Tascam DR-05X Digital-Audio Recorder with Samson SR360 Headphones

Tascam is another brand that has great bundles that include an audio voice recorder and headphones. We also shared some info about their WiFi digital voice recorder in our previous post before.

Let’s take a look at the bundle, the Tascam DR-05X Digital-Audio recorder comes with a pair of high-quality omnidirectional condenser microphones for tracking clear and true sounds in various environments. The microphones are able to respond to sound from all directions, ensuring your recording files are always intact and clear.

As a professional audio recorder, the product supports microSDXC cards up to 128GB, and you can use this recorder via AA Batteries, USB, or AC Adapter as well.

When it comes to the headphones included, the Samson SR360 headphones are also lightweight and they are designed with wide cushioning on earpads and an adjustable padded headband to give you more comfort when listening to recordings.

Tascam DR-05X Portable Digital Audio Recorder + Beyerdynamic Earphones

If you are interested in the Tascam voice recorder but don’t want huge headphones, this Tascam DR-05X with Beyerdynamic earphones bundle should be your best fit. There are not many differences between the above bundle and this bundle since the recorder included is exactly the same model.

However, you will find there are some accessories that you can not find in the last package. First, Tascam provides a Vidpro Tripod with a built-in ball head in this package, letting the recorder sits in a more secure way.

And the Beyerdynamic MMX 102 iE in-ear headphones are much more portable than those traditional headphones. Even though the MMX 102 iE earphones are small, but it also offers impressive sound and a high-quality hands-free microphone. For people who need earphones that are easy to carry, this bundle is something that should not be ignored.

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