Voice Recorders with Long Battery Life & Long Recording Time

Imagine this: you are recording a very important lecture or meeting and all of a sudden you see the battery is dead, and you lose everything. There are a lot of factors that you need to consider when picking a digital voice recorder, and having a long battery life is an important one to consider.

To avoid the bummer, we are here to help! You will be seeing some great voice recorders that come with a long-lasting battery in this post, which means you don’t need to charge them frequently because we know you should concentrate on your recording contents.

Let’s take a good at them.

Best 5 Digital Voice Recorders with Long Battery Life

Olympus WS-853 Voice Recorder with Long Battery Life

Olympus WS-853 Voice Recorder with Long Battery Life

Battery Recording Life: Up to 110 hours

Considering that brands rarely say their voice recorders come with super long battery life, the fact that Olympus has managed to make this model’s battery last up to 110 hours is pretty impressive indeed.

The Olympus WS-853 digital voice recorder manages to offer high-quality MP3 recordings and it features Low Cut Filter and Noise Cancellation function, which makes the model can capture the sound clearly and truly.

The portable voice recorder has 8GB internal storage and you can expand it with another micro SD card. Besides, the digital recorder includes two 2 x AAA Rechargeable batteries in the package, which is also the secret behind the 110-hour recording time. And transferring files with the Direct USB port is also extremely convenient.

There is a minor problem with this recorder that it only supports MP3 recording files, but we think this recorder is definitely worth buying considering its long battery life.

Sony ICD-PX470 Stereo Digital Voice Recorder

Sony ICD-PX470 Stereo Digital Voice Recorder

Battery Recording Life: Up to 55 hours

If you’ve been looking for a famous affordable digital voice recorder with long battery life to capture high-quality sound, take a look at this Sony ICD-PX470. Sony’s recorders always do well in recording quality and this model is no exception.

This voice recorder comes with a low-noise S-microphone that can even capture distant sounds clearly. And It allows you to save files in Linear PCM or MP3 formats, giving you more options when it comes to audio file quality and size.

The product is also powered by AAA battery but it only requires one battery, and the supplied AAA battery will last for up to 55 hours. And I also love the direct USB design that makes transferring files to your PC is easy. The only flaw is probably the built-in storage, the product comes with 4 GB of memory, you might need an extra SD card to record a long lesson or interview.

EVIDA 32GB Digital Voice Activated Audio Recorder

EVIDA 32GB Digital Voice Activated Audio Recorder

Battery Recording Life: Up to 54 hours

You probably are not familiar with this EVIDA, but their recorders can actually give you more features and functions at the same price compared to those big brands.

It comes with dual upgraded noise-canceling microphones, allowing you to save recordings into WAV & MP3 files. And it can also be used as a mini MP3 player, it supports many music formats including MP3/WAV/FLAC/APE/OGG/WMA.

Besides, it has a super big built-in storage, which is 32GB. And it can store 2324hours of recording. As a digital voice recorder with voice activation, this recorder can catch talking voice only, eliminate blank and whispering snippets, which saves you more memory significantly.

The smart battery design makes it safe to save your recordings even if the recorder’s battery runs out. It will automatically save the current recording before the recorder turns off.

However, it does not have a direct USB jack, so you need a USB-C cable to connect it to your computer.

EVISTR V508 Digital Voice Recorder for Lectures Meetings

EVISTR V508 Digital Voice Recorder

Battery Recording Life: Up to 45 hours

EVISTR V508 is another popular digital voice recorder that has pretty decent features and a friendly price. Its built-in enhanced dynamic noise-canceling microphones help it find the most efficient route for capturing sounds.

The battery is a USB rechargeable battery, which is 800mAh. And it works up to 45 hours when recording continuously.

For making your recorder smarter, the product has a voice-activated function and an Upgraded FileSafe tech, which can automatically start recording and files will be always saved safely even you forgot.

As for storage, this recorder has a built-in 16GB memory with an SD card slot and it can hold a max recording time of up to 1120 hours when recording at MP3 but the recording time gets shorter when you save files in WAV format.

To protect your file security and privacy, it has password protection and you can set up a 6 digits password to lock your files.

BESUE Digital Voice Recorder – 16GB Voice Activated

BESUE Digital Voice Recorder

Battery Recording Life: Up to 45 hours

If you are looking for a voice recorder with a modern design, you can also take a look at this BESUE recorder with a big colored LCD screen. BESUE claims that the product features a Dual-Core intelligent professional DSP acoustic processor and upgrade chipsets, which provides great background noise cancellation.

It has a 16GB capacity inside the small body and it is equipped with a voice-activated mode also. On top of that, if you need a recorder with loop playback, its A-B re-reading is a perfect fit for you.

Regarding the battery, the voice recorder has a rechargeable lithium battery, which can be fully charged in 2 hours and lasts up to 45 hours. Just like other decent recorders, it offers two recording formats: HD WAV and MP3, and you can put more than 2000 songs in this small recorder if you take it as an MP3 music player.

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