How to Repeatedly Play Your Recordings? You Need a Voice Recorder with Loop Playback!

The best voice recorders with loop playback are ideal companions for dictation and reviewing your recording content. And not just because they can repeatedly playback the content you need to review over and over again, they also don’t require pressing any buttons manually to operate the recorder when you immerse yourself in the work.

If you are looking for a digital voice recorder that can repeatedly playback your recordings, then you will find some good models on this list below. These voice recorders with the great recording quality and useful loop playback will be your best partner for dictation, transcription, or practicing language listening skills.

Top 3 Picks of Voice Recorders with Loop Playback Function in 2021

Sony ICD-PX470 Digital Voice Recorder with Loop Playback & A B Repeat

These are some of the most reliable voice recorders you’ll find for this money. If you really care about brand reputation and sound quality, then this Sony ICD-PX470 might just be best voice recorder for loop playback.

The recorder is actually affordable, as it is an old recorder model, but the quality and performance are still reliable, even in 2021. It features automatic recording adjustments to reduce background noise in the recording progress and the microphone is adjustable for you to record in different environments manually.

The loop playback function is easy to use. You can continue playing the current file by pressing and holding the play button for a few seconds. Or, you can choose to loop playback a segment of a file after specifying point A and point B by pressing the “A to B” button, the function is also called A-B Repeat.

The voice recorder has a built-in, direct USB connection that makes transferring files quick and smooth. And you can conveniently charge the AAA batteries inside by connecting the recorder to your PC. We like the long 55 hours of battery life for recording, and the recorder’s 4 GB of memory can save recording files up to 59 hours.

Olympus Voice Recorder WS-853 with A-B Loop Playback

Besides Sony, Olympus is a heavy hitter when it comes to digital voice recorders and the Olympus WS-853 recorder is another budget-friendly voice recorder with great loop playback function.

The Olympus WS-853 voice recorder also provides an A-B repeat playback function that allows you to loop the playback of a segment. And you can change playback speeds from 0.5X to 2.0X.

Speaking of recording quality and recording space, the Olympus WS-853 voice recorder is impressive performers for the money, especially if you want a recorder with a large built-in memory – the Olympus WS-853 recorder’s true stereo mic and 8 gb internal memory will surely make you satisfied.

As a decent recorder for capturing true sounds, the recorder is equipped with an excellent voice balancer and noise cancellation technology, which ensures the audio playback quality is always perfect.

Sony ICD-UX570 Digital Voice Recorder with A-B Repeat Loop Playback

The Sony ICD-UX570 recorder is a remarkable choice for people who want a recorder with a modern and stylish design and excellent recording features. The recorder is power-efficient, it only requires a 3-minute charge to work up to 1-hour. Performance-wise, the built-in stereo microphone can deliver clear audio and it provides 3 different audio recording functions to let you record sounds naturally.

As a very popular Sony recorder, the ICD-UX570 digital voice recorder has many advanced playback functions as well. You can loop the playback of one audio file, or you can do an A-B repeat also. Moreover, the recorder offers a  clear voice function that helps you reduce noise in the playback so that the human voices will sound clearer. When you playback your recordings, you can change the speed, and the recorder can adjust the playback speed from 0.25X to 3 X.

Besides great recording performance and useful playback functions, the recorder also gives you some options in editing the recording files. For example, you can use track marks to make dividing and editing files conveniently, and the track mark feature is also can be used to locate during playback. To release more memory, the Sony ICD-UX570 comes with a voice operation feature, which can start recording and be activated by human voices to save vocal content only without capturing background noises.

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