Field Recorders with Phantom Power – Best for Condenser Microphones


What Is a Field Recorder with Phantom Power? & Why Is It Necessary for a Field Recorder? Phantom power feature in a field recorder is used to deliver DC current and power condenser microphones, which require electric power to work properly. For most field recorders with phantom power, the current is transferred through an XLR … Read more

Buying an Audio Recorder with Timecode – What Can It Do?


Timecode is a feature that is rarely found on a regular digital audio recorder, but it is actually pretty useful. Let’s see what timecode is and why some people need an audio recorder with timecode. And we will show you some audio recorders with timecode system on the market as well. What Some Audio Recorders … Read more

Top 3 Digital Audio Recorders with Lavalier Mic – How to Pick One in 2022


Do yourself a favor and get one of the best digital audio recorders with a lavalier microphone and mic clips if you plan on recording your voice while moving around flexibly. Not only will you be able to talk to the lavalier mic closely to get better quality audio but you will freely walk around … Read more

8 Track Recorder with CD Burner – What Options Do You Have


Unlike any other software that requires digital edits and complicated recording settings today, an old-school 8 track recorder allows you to record 8 tracks sequentially without moving your mouse. What is interesting is that you probably don’t know there are some 8 track recorders that come with CD burner. If you wanna know a little … Read more

Cassette Recorder for Field Recordings – How to Choose?


Have you thought about field recording with a cassette recorder? Well, it’s actually possible. But, unlike those professional field recorders that you can easily get, a decent cassette field recorder is not that easy to find. Fortunately, whether you’re looking for a cassette recorder for indoor or outdoor, we have some advice here. You will … Read more

Best Cassette Recorders for Authentic Lo-Fi Music


If you want to experiment with lo-fi, an old-school cassette recorder that offers vintage tape quality and sonic imperfections is the best tool to get the authentic lo-fi grit. The medium of cassettes can give you the most perfect flutter noise and warbling pitch that a Lo-Fi song needs. Instead of emulating cassette effects with … Read more

How to Delete or Erase Files on Your Olympus Digital Voice Recorder


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How to Use Jensen Cassette Recorder to Record Cassettes?


Just bought a Jensen portable cassette recorder but don’t know how to start recording blank cassette tapes? We will show you and it’s really simple, and all you need is a blank cassette tape. To Record with Jensen Cassette Recorder, What Type of Cassette Tapes You Need? According to Jensen, their cassette recorder works with … Read more