Top 3 Voice Recorder with Smart Motion Sensors

Want to buy a voice recorder that wakes up and starts recording automatically by detecting your action? This is possible, we are here to show you some voice recorders with motion sensors that record sound smartly.

What Can A Voice Recorder’s Motion Sensor Do?

The Voice recorder’s motion sensors are different. Some voice recorders come with a built-in motion sensor that allows users to activate the recording mode when picking up the recorder. Users don’t need to press any recording buttons to start recording. And some recorder models’ motion sensors are used to adjust the microphone sensitivity by detecting how the recorders’ are placed.

So voice recorders’ motion sensors are not the same, you’d better make sure which type of motion sensor you are looking for before you place your order.

Best Motion Activated Voice Recorders On the Market of 2021

Olympus Digital Solutions DS-2600 Digital Voice Recorder with Motion Sensor


Arlo was one of the companies to release motion-activated voice recorders, and its high-quality recording devices are loved by professional users. Among their high-end digital voice recorders with motion sensors, the DS-2600 model is a worth-buying choice for sure.

It comes with Olympus premium dual microphone technology that can optimize recording quality for different environments and sounds. And it has a studio quality pop filter that provides great noise cancellation that removes background noise from wind and breath noise.

When it comes to the most important feature to you, the motion sensor will help you to start recording immediately when you pick it up. Besides, the recorder also features VAVC technology, which makes the recorder a smart voice-activated device. The technology allows the recorder to track pauses in a speaker’s dictation, which saves more file managing work and recording storage.

It supports three recording file formats: DSS/PCM/MP3, and you can choose the format according to your memory space and audio quality needs. However, the bad news is that the recorder only has a 2GB internal flash storage and the battery works up to 20 hours. You might need another SD card if you want to save more files in it.

Olympus DS-9000 Digital Voice Recorder with Motion Sensor


This Olympus DS-9000 recorder is an advanced version of the Olympus Digital Solutions DS-2600.

We can clearly see that it looks almost the same as the DS-2600. And it also comes with all the features that the DS-2600 has, including dual microphone 3-Layer pop Filter, motion sensor, and more.

But why it is more pricey? Compared to the DS-2600 digital recorder, the Olympus DS-9000 has two main features that the DS-2600 does not have. First, the DS-9000 digital voice recorder offers us a password encryption function that we can protect our audio files in the recorder.

If your audio files are confidential, this feature is highly recommended to you. And the second difference is that the DS-9000 recorder package includes a free workflow software system. The software is designed for increasing dictation management efficiency.

With the Olympus Dictation Management System (ODMS), you can download dictation files onto your computer and share them instantly and easily. Also, incorporating a speech recognition process in the workflow is also a piece of cake.

Philips DVT6500 Voice Tracer Digital Recorder with Motion Sensor


As a great digital recorder for music and voice recording, superior audio quality is the rule at Philips.

The DVT6500 Voice Tracer digital recorder offers three highly dynamic microphones that capture CD-like audio quality. And the recorder is equipped with a large color display so you can manage your music and recording files easily.

The Philips DVT6500 is a pretty advanced smart recorder. Unlike the Olympus’s sensor, it has a special motion sensor that selects the microphone sensitivity to suit the recording situation to so you don’t need to adjust the settings manually. Moreover, the portable recorder also has a great feature called Pre-recording function, which allows you to record the last five seconds before you press the record key.

Although this Philips DVT6500 voice recorder is a pretty affordable model, it carries a WiFi module. Thus, you can remotely control the recorder and give orders to the recorder through the wireless feature.

The Philips DVT6500 has a pretty long-lasted battery and it can work up to 50 hours. And it has a 4GB internal memory, which is enough for most of the work.

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