Top Voice Activated Recorder Pens for the Money in 2021

A voice activated recorder pen will allow you to get clear recordings without carrying a traditional heavy bulky voice recorder. In fact, if you opt for a recorder pen with voice activation, you can have an excellent hands-free recording environment. The recorder pen will automatically capture all the useful information and save it into files for you.

In this post, you will be seeing some pros and cons of a voice activated recorder pen, and we have also found some great models that are worth noting as well. Without further ado, let’s jump into the topic right now!

Why Is a Voice Activated Recorder Pen Good?

Extremely Portable

There’s a lot to consider when choosing a recorder pen. But they all have something in common: they are not as heavy as regular digital voice recorders. As a very lightweight recording product, a recorder pen can be easily stored in your pocket and you don’t need to do any setup to start recording.

Safe to Use

If you want to record sounds quietly and make the process low-key, a voice-activated recorder pen is a perfect tool. A recorder pen with no lights and displays will look the same as a regular pen. Also, with the voice activation, you don’t need to press any button to start or stop. The built-in sensor will detect audio and automatically save your files with no silent snippets.

Does a Voice Activated Recorder Pen Have Any Disadvantages?

Short Recording Time

Because of the small-sized body, you can’t expect a mini recorder to work for a very long time like those professional recorders with super long battery life. Although voice activated recorder pen does not have a longer battery life compared to regular recorders, it is still enough for most of us as the recorder pens nowadays can record continuously for up to 20 hours.

Recording Quality

If you want to record sounds in super high-quality formats, you’re absolutely better off with other voice recorders with multiple premium microphones. As a portable tool, a voice activated recorder pen does not provide many options when it comes to recording quality. Usually, they will allow you to save audio files in clear MP3, but you won’t get higher quality formats like WAV. This is mainly limited by the built-in small microphone and storage.

The Best 2 Voice Activated Recorder Pens Available Online

TCTEC 16GB Digital Voice-Activated Pen Recorder


If you are shopping for an affordable pen recorder with the decent recording quality, the TCTEC voice recorder pen is probably the best choice for the money in 2021. According to the official info, the 2021 new TCTEC audio recorder is equipped with a digital noise reduction chip, which gives you higher recording quality and a better recording experience.

As a great recorder pen for taking notes, the TCTEC recorder pen has 16 GB storage, which allows you to save more than 260-hour recordings. Moreover, the great voice-activated feature can detect audio automatically, and it will save audio into files without having silent snippets.

Besides, the budget-friendly pen recorder even includes a free earphone by which you can playback and listen to your recording files immediately. And it makes the recorder pen a well-made MP3 player as well.

AKALULI 32GB Digital Voice Activated Recorder Pen


The AKALULI is essentially an advanced version of the above TCTEC voice recorder. There are not many differences when it comes to their features: The recorder pen also features a dynamic noise cancellation microphone and an upgraded chip in 2021.

And its voice-activated function also allows the recorder to free your hands since it will auto-detect the voice level and record the sounds. With its included earphone, you can use the recorder as a music player as well.

Compared to a 16GB voice recorder, this recording pen has a built-in 32GB storage. And it says the recorder can save recording files that are longer than 400 hours. Most importantly, it still has a very friendly price. If you’d like to have a voice-activated recorder pen with a large capacity, then this product is something that you should not miss.

The recorder pen has a fairly long battery life and it can work up to 20 hours when continuously recording. To protect your recordings, it also has an auto-save feature that your current recording can be saved before you run out of the battery, which is a big advantage for people who need to record important information.

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